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“T. C. Kinmont—First Mayor of Hicksville” from The Hicksville Independent-Epworth League Edition (December 14, 1899).

The Kinmont family originated in Scotland and its members for generations have been noted as educators and scientists. Dr. Thomas C. Kinmont who has been for a number of years a leading physician and surgeon of Hicksville was born Oct. 8, 1832 at Cincinnati, O. He attended the common schools near his home but received valuable instruction in various branches from his father; but did not study medicine until the close of the civil war. At the outbreak of the war, he was among the first to offer his services to the government: enlisting in April, 1861, first in Company K, 21st O. V. I. for three months and then reenlisting in Company F, 44th Ind. I. for three years. He served his country honorably and was promoted from one position to another until he was captain. He was wounded April 6, 1862 at the battle of Shiloh and was a long time recovering from the same. He began reading medicine under the direction of Dr. Rakestraw, attended college at Ann Arbor, Mich. and Pittsfield, Mass., graduating from the former place. He began his professional work at Hicksville and has continued the same until the present time. He has occupied positions of trust in our town: being our first mayor and member of the council for two terms and is serving now in his third term. He is the local surgeon for the B & O Ry. and also U. S. pension agent, and last but not least, honored trustee of the M. E. Church. Dr. Kinmont and his estimable wife are prominent in the philanthropical and Christian work of Hicksville and are counted among our most substantial citizens.

“An Account from the Surrender at Ft. Donaldson”
(undated, unsigned but written on tablet paper in the back of a Kinmont book)

After the surrender of Ft. Donaldson, Co. F (44th Regt. I. V. I.) commanded by Capt. T. C. Kinmont led the advance into the Fort, and his company along with another company were detailed to disarm the 2,600 prisoners. The Confederates were drawn up by Regt. in a solid square and ordered by the captain to stack their arms. The co. was then ordered to take the prisoners’ arms and stack them. As fast as each company was disarmed they were marched to the Boat landing and sent north as prisoners of war.

[ED. NOTE: According to internet information, the 44th based in neighboring NE Indiana, was involved in the battle and surrender of Fort Donelson, TN. Since various veterans’ accounts of this battle refer to it as Donalson and Donaldson, it is often confused with the surrender at Fort Donaldson, LA. As the Tennessee campaign led to Shiloh where Capt. Kinmont was seriously wounded and the Louisiana surrender was later in the war, we presume that this is really an account from Fort Donelson. This was the first major Union victory and cause for jubilation throughout the North. If you have further information, please send it to us.]

Timeline from Biographical Sketch, 1883 History of Defiance County

bullet1832 — Born October 8 in Cincinnati
bullet1835 — Family moves to Champaign County
bullet18?? — Attends school in Champaign and Crawford Counties with father as teacher in winter and other teachers as summer instructors
bullet1848 — Moves with parents to Defiance County in October
bullet1854–55, 1856–57 — Attends Newville, IN, high school during the winter
bullet1857–59 — In Kansas from November 1857 to September 1859; learns carpentry
bullet1860 — Builds father a house
bullet1861 — Enlists as private soldier in 21st Regt. Ohio Volunteers for three months, honorable discharge
bullet1861 — Reenlists in September for three years in 44th Regt. Ind. Volunteers; elected 2nd Lieutenant of Company F
bullet1862 — Takes command at Battle of Fort Donelson and leads final charge into fort at surrender
bullet1862 — Commands Company F at Shiloh, disabled by musket ball through thigh on April 6
bullet1863 — Begins study of medicine while confined to bed during the spring; continues study in Hicksville with Dr. Rakestraw
bullet1865 — Marries Miss R. C. Albertson of Wayne County
bullet1866 — Graduates from Ann Arbor and begins partnership with Dr. Rakestraw
bullet1867 — Begins own practice
bullet1876 — First mayor of Hicksville after incorporation

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