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  1. Three large handle and lath work mills with a combined value of $90,000 employing a large force of men.
  2. Three large planing mills and lumber yards.
  3. A five thousand dollar stave and heading plant.
  4. A ten thousand dollar furniture and fine inside finishing mill.
  5. A ten thousand dollar tile, brick, and clay works.
  6. Three cement brick, tile and block manufacturing firms.
  7. Two grain elevators with a combined value of $30,000, which handle hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain and seed annually.
  8. A twenty-five thousand dollar electric light, power, and heating company which furnishes power for manufacturing as cheap as in cities of 200,000 inhabitants.
  9. A thirty thousand dollar city water system serving the people at a very low cost for water privilege, and water from artesian wells and direct pressure.
  10. One first class telephone system with exchange and direct connection with both Bell and Independent long distance lines.
  11. Four up-to-date drug stores carrying heavy lines of all kinds of drugs and kindred merchandise.
  12. Three large department stores carrying everything needed for the home and farm, with a combined stock value of $150,000.
  13. Two National Banks with combined capital and surplus of $100,000 and deposits aggregating about one-half million dollars.
  14. Situated on one of the largest and strongest trunk line railroads with double track and twelve passenger trains daily.
  15. Unexcelled shipping facilities and low freight rate.
  16. A thirty thousand dollar public school building.
  17. A poultry and stock food manufacturing company.
  18. A glove and mitten factory.
  19. A $40,000 modern up-to-date opera house.
  20. A patent photograph printing cabinet manufacturing company.
  21. Two large job printing companies with mechanical type-setting machines.
  22. Two modern up-to-date newspapers.
  23. A twenty thousand dollar modern hotel.
  24. Nine churches and Sunday Schools.
  25. Two large poultry and produce packing firms handling all kinds of country produce.
  26. The finest agricultural county to be found anywhere, producing all kinds of cereals and fruits to be found in this latitude.
  27. Two large harness and saddlery companies.
  28. Three large implement dealers handling all kinds of farm machinery.
  29. Three modern up-to-date meat markets.
  30. Two bakeries.
  31. One modern electric power machine shop.
  32. With a population of 3,000 live, up-to-date, energetic, wide-awake people.
  33. One and a half miles of fine brick pavement.
  34. Home Building and Loan Co., assets $35,000.
  35. Two large garages, caring for the 40 local automobiles.
  36. Five good restaurants and one good $1 per day hotel and boarding house.
  37. Three grain, seed, and feed stores.
  38. Three up-to-date jewelry stores.
  39. Three novelty and bazaar firms.
  40. Five shoe stores.
  41. One foundry.
  42. Agricultural society with 40 acres of grounds, with fine buildings and track, used as a public park.
  43. A pickle packing station of Lutz & Schramm of Allegheny, Pa.
  44. One scroll work and cistern plant.
  45. Abundance of natural ice at a very low cost.
  46. Two telegraph companies.
  47. Cheap labor, fuel, and power.
  48. Richardsonís famous poultry farm.
  49. First grade High School diplomas from which [sic] admit owner to colleges and universities without examination.
  50. Home office of the Tri-State Elevator company.
  51. Thirty-six hundred cars of freight shipped in and out annually.
  52. Plenty of room for hustlers and wide-awake people.
  53. A warm welcome and hearty support for any and all legitimate enterprises.
  54. A live town, for live people, hustling with life and activity.
  55. Splendid climate, fine roads and inhabited with American people; no labor troubles or strikes.
  56. Excellent advantages for manufacturers for skilled and common labor.

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