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    Below are just some of the many comments we’ve received about our website and about the Hicksville Historical Society in general. Some entries may have been edited for space or for grammatical reasons. Let us know what you think by emailing your comments to feedback@hicksvillehistoricalsociety.org.


    Freeport, N. Y.

    To Whom It May Concern:

       I am Max wondering how your town got the name. We been reading about how towns got their names.

    My teacher told my class how this town got its name. I picked your town because the name sounds very

    cool! I hope you can get my letter.


    Maximus A. Finch

    [Great question, Max. Hope you received the packet of information from us. Our 3rd grades suggested things you  may be interested in learning.]


       We want to let you know how much easier it is to teach Hicksville history with your website as a resource. Most towns around here don't have this much information available. Thank you for maintaining your website. We really like the updates you've made this year, too.


     My name is Renee' Messmann (Rhoades).  I am the grand-daughter of the late Richard and Mille Rhoades.  My grandma was an Osmun and her family owned the dairy that was located on 110 North Maple Street.  I am trying to locate pictures (copies) of either their store front with their sign visibly seen or a milk truck and year opened up for business and year closed.  I need this information pretty fast...can you help me?

     Reneé Messmann

    Dear Hicksville Historical Society,

    Thank you for letting us visit the church and the land office. We really learned a lot about Hicksville’s history. There were many interesting things that we got to experience. We had a lot of fun, and we hope you had fun too. Also, thank you for the pamphlet and the postcards. We had a great time.

    Mrs. Katie Brown’s third grade class

    Dear Hicksville Historical Society,

    Thank you for giving our class a tour of the Hicks Land Office and St. Paul’s historical church. Our class had a great time. We learned a lot about Hicksville’s history.

    Mrs. Wise’s third grade class

    I am looking for members of the older generations in the Hicksville area who would be interested in allowing me to interview them regarding stories they may have heard from their parents or grandparents about the murder of Hicksville police officer Enos Rath. I have already spoken to Jim Battershell, Bill Metz, and Dr. Allen Hilbert. I would like to know if there are others out there with a story to share. I am a distant relation to Enos Rath through the marriage of a cousin.

    If you could post this query in your newsletter or pass along my contact information, I would be very appreciative.

    — Rhonda Casler

    1954 Edgewood Dr.

    Defiance, Ohio 43512



    I am the director for “Kid’s Central,” Defiance County’s new summer youth program. To make the summer program educational as well as fun, I’d like to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the area in which they live. The obvious starting point there is history! I’d like to have one or more of your members come and speak to the children about the Hicksville area and Defiance County. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

    — Mary Hinschlager,

    Kid’s Central Director

    I bought a walking stick at a local flea market here in South Carolina. It is made of ash and has a ‘T’ shape that tapers from top to bottom. Along the length is written, “Miller Mfg. Co. Hicksville Ohio.” I looked up that company and discovered that it was a handle manufacturing place that made handles for tools out of ash.

    Also I found this site and was wondering if you could tell me the approximate age of this walking stick. I thought it was probably an advertising stick for the company. I make and carve walking and hiking sticks and was interested in the history of this one. Thank you for your time.

    — S. G., South Carolina

    I have come back to this several times, what a beautiful site, so easy to surf through and use.

    — C. H., Sherwood

    I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you, and everyone involved, have done with the website. I was reading The Crescent News webpage, which I frequent on a daily basis to get the local scoop, and came across the article. I feel it is very important to “know your roots,” and this resource will help educate people on how it all began. Keep up the great work!

    — C. M., Chicago

    Just picked up your website from an article in The Crescent News. As [Hicksville is] “my old hometown,” I would be interested in reading more and contributing if possible. Nothing more right now, but I will be in touch through your new website. Bill Metz (my cousin) keeps me informed by forwarding his column weekly.

    I’ve made some contributions to the Society, and would be happy to do it again either through articles, pictures, or information passed on to me by my “ancestors.” Keep up the good work. I’ll be in touch.

    — W. H., Denver

    I’m so happy and pleased with the quantity and quality of material and with the range of material you have developed thus far for your website. It’s one locals, transplanted locals, the curious, and interested will want to view again and again as you develop, edit, and add material. Congratulations. You have produced a first class information and “PR” site for Hicksville, Ohio.

    — P. O., Edgerton

    I spent a couple hours on your site Sunday afternoon. Coming from the south and not knowing anything about Hicksville, I really enjoyed it. Having been at the Huber, I was especially interested in that. I wish I had gone to the dedication of the curtain as I have not seen it yet.

    — K. T., Hicksville

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