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[ED. NOTE: This page was transcribed as it was published in 1899 without corrections to spelling or grammar.]

F.A. PATTERSON, Pioneer Jeweler and Optician

It is our aim to give place and prominence to houses in a relative degree to the standing they maintain in their respective lines of trade, and it is in pursuance of this desire that special mention is here made of the widely known establishment of F. A. Patterson. Mr. Patterson has been connected with the business interests of Hicksville for a long number of years and has justly been termed the pioneer of the jewelry business in our city. He has ever maintained a high reputation for the general excellence of the goods carried, embracing diamonds, watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, optical goods, and novelties. Holiday presents may be obtained here, his stock being complete throughout, everything is up-to-date in this magnificent establishment, and prices charged are always reasonable. Mr. Patterson makes a specialty of repair work and anything in this line receives prompt attention. He is highly regarded for sound business principles and strict probity, which coupled with enterprise, energy, and business ability makes his success easily understood.


In the journalism of Methodist Church work, we could not leave out the above named person, as from the first, when a very young boy, his impressions and realistic experiences of Christian piety came through the medium of the Sunday school. And to use his own expression, “I have ever felt that I could never do enough for the Sunday school work to repay the benefit I received through its influence.”

From pupil he became teacher, then secretary, taking the superintendancy laid down by I. S. Miller, and for fifteen consecutive years he faithfully and conscientiously, ye devoutedly held his position, sustained by a board of teachers and school who knew and assisted him with the peace and harmony of those who have qualified at the fountain of Christian love....In addition to Sunday school work he has been a sharer in the burden of church repairs, church debts, and current expenses. A man of broad ideas, he could see that true economy lay in promoting the public welfare in church and state. Firm as a rock he saw the right, he has braved dangers and endured hardships for the cause of sobriety.

As an active, shrewd, energetic business man and controlling a very large business interest, he did not neglect the intellectual and religious side of life. And as we scan the past years of the work in the old M. E. Church no one personage stands a more faithful member as we take it in all its varied relations than Robert Fillmore Kerr. And though for a short time he has removed to Toledo the present active workers of the Sunday school and E. L. are more indebted than they know to the subject of this sketch.

What his commercial interest has been to Hicksville we cannot even mention in a sketch of this kind. Suffice it to say that a firm doing from $75,000 to $150,000 worth of business per year must of a necessity do much for the laboring classes and the domestic commerce of the country....God holds the record of all lives, but it is well to recognize the labor of those who are helping us and the world to be better.

E. M. PETTIT, Drugs, Paints, Oils, and Holiday Goods

Standing out prominently is the drug trade, this house is an excellent exemplification of the sterling business houses in this section. Both as regards to enterprise and energy, as well as to the most careful attention to the progress in the production of all goods handled, it holds a representative position and retains an ever widening and superior class of patronage. To be abreast of the times in the advancement of the profession and in the production of all preparations has ever been the aim of E. M. Pettit, and his well selected stock is found to be up-to-date in all particulars. He carries a full line of all paints, oils, varnishes, wall paper, etc. and at this season of the year is making a specialty of holiday goods, his assortment being second to none in the county, and at prices most reasonable.

JOHN M. AINSWORTH, Our State Representative

Mr. John M. Ainsworth, one of our oldest and most respected citizens, was born at West Jefferson, near Columbus, O., Sept. 10, 1835. He early attained a common school education and at the same time was initiated into the rudiments of farm life. At eighteen years of age he began his commercial career as a clerk in a store in Ft. Wayne. He was soon intrusted with a branch establishment in our city, and as the years have come and gone, he has step by step acquired wealth, influence, reputation, and the confidence of the people, until the election of 1899 which has placed him as a representative of the people of his political district. Mr. Ainsworth has from the very start occupied an enviable position in the esteem of every community in which he has lived, and great as has been his business interests, he has never failed to support the best interests of his home, church, school, and municipal affairs. He has been councilman, treasurer, was a member of the school board for fifteen years, fair director for twenty years. He takes great interest in agricultural pursuits, and is one of our largest stock and grain dealers. He has a controlling interest in The Ainsworth-Shepard dry goods establishment and superintends the best interests of his farms. He was chosen building committee member for our fine school structure and also for the new M. E. church enterprise. He never disappoints those who trust him and his fidelity and integrity to all public as well as private interests, stamps him a true philanthropist....And though carrying a full business load, he never seems too busy to attend to the needful duties of church relationship. As a gentleman, he is genial, courteous, warn hearted, hospitable, winning and keeping friends wherever he goes. To our city, he is a great factor for good will in all our social, intellectual, religious, and business affairs, and his living example is such that the world is made better by it.


The subject of this sketch has been for several years a resident of our city, and has held a prominent place in the business and commercial relations....As a citizen he has been intrusted with important positions of public trust, but we doubt if he will in the future look to any with more pleasure and pride than to the fact that he was one of the men to whom was intrusted the responsibility of helping to plan and perfect a church for God. Mr. Pettit was born in Troy, O. on Nov. 17, 1850. At an early age he removed to Marlon, O., where he attended school and engaged in agricultural work until sixteen. He then removed to White Co., Ind. and graduated from the Academy at Brookston. After completing his studies, he chose the profession of pharmacist and after thorough preparation he came to Hicksville in ‘79 and immediately began business in the Rakestraw Block. He followed his profession until ten months ago at which time he engaged in the grocery business. Besides his commercial relations, he served the public on school board nine years, was treasurer of the fair association fourteen years....Mr. Pettit comes from English ancestry and has characteristics of that race, which combined with the discipline and labor of farm life until twenty-four years old, has done much to prepare him for the success in life to which he has attained. He has built a large residence on the corner of Bryan and High streets which adds to the beauty and value of that portion of the town.

ACKERMAN AND LEWIS, Dealers in Fine Footwear

We read in scriptural history of the sandal being worn to protect the foot. How different is the modern shoe in comfort and the protection of which has brought into play wonderfully improved modern machinery and put on the market goods that are the acme of perfection in style, fit and durability. These are the kind of shoes that Ackerman and Lewis deal in and they are prepared to supply all the people who will call upon them, with modern footwear at low prices.

They carry many famous brands and make a specialty of selling goods on close margins. This establishment began business in Hicksville two years ago as a very small concern, but their good values at astonishingly low prices have made their store one of the busiest in this section. Ackerman and Lewis are highly regarded in business circles for integrity and enterprise and this store has grown to be a most valuable addition to the commercial resources of the city.

O. W. DOWELL, School of Telegraphy

Telegraphy is one of the sciences which has made the world wiser and has brought the people of the most remote parts of the globe in close communion with those in our own country. The electric spark will carry thought from our own land to those across the briny deep in an instant’s time, hence the people of the world live as one family. This science is a most desirable one to become conversant with and to be a good operator is an accomplishment that will furnish constant employment at a splendid salary to those who have acquired the knowledge. Hicksville has a splendid school where this science is taught, and its superintendent Mr. O. W. Dowell, is one of the wide awake gentlemen, who constantly keeps abreast of the times. In his school of telegraphy will be found all the modern appliances and facilities for teaching the art and his corps of instructors are the very best that can be procured. This school is widely known and students are here from all over the country. If you learn telegraphy at the Ohio Telegraph School, you will be qualified for holding any position that you may have offered to you.

FRANK DALYRYMPLE, Dealer in Drugs and Chemicals

Purity in drugs and medical compounds is a specialty on which Frank Dalyrymple has built a reputation. The stock carried in this store is full and complete and consists of drugs, chemicals, patent medicines, druggists’ sundries, stationery, toilet articles, and holiday goods. The compounding of prescriptions and family recipes is a feature in which Dalyrymple takes pains to excel and this department is most carefully looked after. None but strictly pure and fresh drugs are ever permitted in stock, and accuracy and purity are guaranteed. A feature of the house is the selling at specially reduced prices to physicians, and throughout all departments, the store enjoys a most substantial patronage.

J. F. FISHER, The Leading Merchant Tailor

Modern civilization demands that a gentleman be neatly and tastefully apparelled and the artistic tailor is a most important personage in a well-to-do community. In Hicksville, the leading representative of this branch of business is Mr. J. F. Fisher, who has been identified with Hicksville’s business interests for a long number of years. About four years ago this gentleman embarked upon his present vocation and the satisfactory manner in which he has conducted his affairs has given him a good substantial patronage among the best dressed people from all over the surrounding county. Located in the Banner Shoe Store, Mr. Fisher has convenient quarters and here he displays samples of goods from the most famous woolen establishments in the United States, and throughout, the products of the house are unsurpassed in good qualities. Prices are regulated by liberal and fair dealings and with such a good record in the past discriminating customers need have no fears for Mr. Fisher’s future achievements in the way of high class garments for gentlemen. He will make you a suit or overcoat to measure, at prices nearly as low as those asked for ready made clothing and guarantees a fit in every instance or you need not take the garment. He gives you about 2,500 samples to select from and guarantees the workmanship in every particular. Try him. You can’t lose.


Either Treasurer or Secretary of Annual Conference for the past nineteen years, and was Pastor of the old M. E. Church at the date of its dedication.

E. W. CROOK, World’s Largest Handle Factory

If the tact and talent of local business men had more frequent mentions in their own localities, there is little doubt that a greater love for successful business men would be the result. In the character of E. W. Crook business qualifications are both inherited and acquired. His strong constitutional makeup, his determined and forceful will power, his energy, endurance and perserverance, together with his love of “seeing things move” has made him a force that must be expended for telling results in what he undertakes. He seldom sees failure because he is ever looking for success. Mr. Crook was born at Elkton, Ohio. December 23, 1847, and began the battle of life by attending the common schools and helping his father in the woolen mill.

About the age of nineteen he went into the carriage business as an apprentice and served for three years and for six years thereafter manufactured that commodity in East Fairfield, Ohio. In 1876 he came to Hicksville and purchased a third interest in the Kerr Bros. handle factory, and as the years passed became a half owner in what was soon known as the largest handle factory in the world which did $150,000 worth of business per annum. He shared in the responsibility of conducting and controlling the plant until it was deemed best to make a change and take stock in other enterprises.

He has been councilman for the city and held many other important places. He was baptized into the M. E. Church in infancy and in 1877 took his place on the official board and has ever since been a member with an eye toward the best interests of the church, especially the financial plans. He often visits the general and annual conferences and keeps in touch with all phases of church work. Thus it is not strange that we find him a member of the building committee and that the people felt a confidence in him doing his share in a practical manner.

It is with a feeling of honest pride that in our own city we have talent that does not need to be imported to lay our plans and carry into execution and perfection edifices that would do credit to a large city. While now and for years to come all will share with him and his family and friends the pleasure and honor of his being a member of the competent building committee of the new M. E. Church.

CLAIRE & DAUB, The Popular Restauranters

A leading establishment where the tourist and the farmer are always sure of receiving the best of service is universally admitted to be the restaurant of Claire & Daub. This is in every respect a first class place, and is neatly kept at all times, and since its establishment the public, and especially the farmer, has come to know that Claire & Daub is the proper place to stop at. Besides conducting a general restaurant where the most substantial of meals are served, these gentlemen have a first class cigar, tobacco, and confectionary store where is kept all the leading brands of of cigars and tobaccos and a full line of candies. One of the special features of this firm is the serving of oysters in season, in any style, to individuals ot for public gatherings.

W. D. WILSON, Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Etc.

 If the reality of a city is kept on a steady move upward it has a tendency to keep general business good by inspiring confidence, and this activity is in a large measure due to the energy and shrewdness of the men having it in charge. We find such a man in W. D. Wilson, who has been in this business in Hicksville for the past eighteen years, and who has done much toward promoting the growth and prosperity of Hicksville. He has always had the city’s interest at heart and has forged ahead in such a way as to inspire confidence and reflect great credit upon the community. He is located over Hart, Hood, & Widney’s store and his business is to buy and sell farm and city property, to make loans, collect rents, and to manage properties in general and also to write policies in reliable and prompt insurance companies. The insurance companies represented by him have aggregate assets of over $70,000,000 and among them are the “Michigan Mutual,” and the “Standard accident” of Detroit; the “Phoenix,” “Continental,” and “Germania” of New York; the “Hartford” and “Connecticut” of Hartford, Conn.; the “North British” and “Mercantile” of London, and the fire association of Philadelphia.

A. JAMES, Jewelry and Optical Goods

One must need admit that not only have the city’s natural resources and advantages been factors in its progress, but that the indefatigable energy, foresight, and absolute confidence of representative merchants have formed a solid and permanent basis for its steady growth. The jewelry establishment of Arthur James who is located in Pettit’s drug store is a bright example of this truism. This business has been established for a long period of years and the methods have been marked by wise, daring, fearless integrity, increasing activity, sound judgment, and a will to accomplish any undertaking. Mr. James’ stock embraces fine watches, silverware. jewelry, diamonds and other precious stones, as well as a complete line of optical goods. That this house is doing a large and flourishing business is evidenced by the exceedlingly large patronage bestowed upon it, while prices charged are always the lowest. At this season of the year Mr. James is making a specialty of holiday goods in his line and by refering to his display advertisement elsewhere in this paper you will learn a few of his prices that are quoted. Mr. James guarantees every article sold, and in case it should not prove as represented (which is not at all likely) he will cheerfully make it right with you. Remember he has a full line of holiday goods at prices lower than ever before quoted. As to quality everybody knows Mr. James is thoroughly reliable.

Advertised Local Businesses in the 1899 Newspaper::
(In Order from Front Page to Back Page)

bulletThe Ainsworth–Shepard Co., Blue Front Stores — Clothing, Accessories, Books
bulletWilderson & Co. — Furniture and Gifts
bulletHolden’s Clothing Store — Bargains for Men and Boys
bulletJ. F. Fisher — The Reliable Merchant Tailor
bulletW. H. Perry — U. S. Standard Scales
bulletOhio Telegraph School — Learn Telegraphy
bulletDalyrymple’s — Drugs and Books
bulletF. W. Jeffries — Hardware (Meat Cutter, Lard Press, Stove)
bulletBoon & Bevington — Dry Goods, Carpet, Clothing
bulletHoffman Bros. — Holiday Goods
bulletW. J. Kleckner & Son — Queensware, Holly, Vegetables
bulletSchaeffer The Grocer — Table Delicacies, Candy, Tea and Coffee Pots
bulletA. James, The Jeweler — Silverware and Jewelry
bulletW. H. LeRoy — Factory Salesman for Packard Pianos
bulletM. E. Church — Canadian Jubilee Singers and Imperial Orchestra Appearance
bulletF. Swingle & Son — Ivers and Pond Pianos
bulletW. D. Wilson — Good Reliable Insurance
bulletClaire & Daub — Lunch Counter and Restaurant
bulletHunt Sisters — Millinery! at Surprisingly Low Cost
bulletStelsmith & Mann — The New Barber Shop
bulletWilson & McConnell — Lawyers
bulletG. J. Seibert’s — The People’s Restaurant
bulletLandis’ Cash Store — Feed, Wood, and Coal
bulletHart Bros. — Jewelry and Gift Items
bulletC. A. Blodgett — Funeral Director and Embalmer
bulletAckerman and Lewis — Banner Shoe Store
bulletC. V. Tannehill — Dentist
bulletThe Pettit Grocery — First Class Groceries to Beat the Band
bulletRichards and Birdsall — Loans of $1000 or more at 5%
bulletCole & Waltenberger — Central Meat Market, Buying Hides and Pelts
bulletF. A. Patterson — Old Reliable Jeweler
bulletE. Van Every — Horse Shoeing a Specialty
bulletThe Prudential Life Insurance — W. S. Little, Agent
bulletHomer Dillworth Banner Store — New Goods at Red Hot Prices
bulletHicksville Harness Co. (E. M. Bilderback) — Blankets, Whips, Robes
bulletBrookside Farm (B. F. Casebeer) — Aerated Milk
bulletPostal Telegraph Cable Company — Messages Sent Around the World
bulletE. M. Pettit — The Leading Druggist
bulletMastin and Son — Cyclone Heaters
bulletW. D, Wilson — The Leading Insurance Agent
bulletGeo. D. Simmons — Fire and Cyclone Insurance
bulletSteam Laundry — R. Conley for First Class Work
bulletWeber Shoe Store — The Leading Footwear Establishmennt
bulletBricker & Son’s — The Leading Butcher
bulletMrs. R. Murphy — Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats
bulletE. J. Reisch, J. P. — Collections, Deeds, Mortgages
bulletThe Oak Restaurant — Warm Meals for 20 Cents
bulletCoburn’s — Groceries and Queensware
bulletHicksville Telephone Co. — Hello Central, Connect Me With...
bulletEclipse Studio — Our Work Will Please You
bulletHart, Hood, & Widney — Dry Goods and Useful Presents

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